Old Abbey Farm, Risley

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Februar 2004



During the 1990's, Oxford Archaeology North conducted a program of evaluation, building recording, excavation and documentary research at Old Abbey Farm, Risley. The project provided a rare opportunity to record a building during demolition and subsequently excavate below it, thereby maximizing the information retrieval.


List of tables; LIst of illustrations; Contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Historical background; Phase 1- the medieval moated platform, timber-framed hall, and bridge: mid thirteenth to mid sixteenth century; Phase 2 - construction of the southern crosswing and a possible northern wing: mid sixteenth to early seventeenth century; Phase 3 - commencement of rebuilding of the timber hall in brick: early to mid seventeenth century; Phase 4 - rebuilding in brick, and evidence of external cobbling: late seventeenth century to early eighteenth century; Phase 5 - rebuilding in brick, and re-roofing of the central hall: early eighteenth century; Phase 6 - adaptation of the farmhouse, and construction of a new barn: mid eighteenth to nineteenth century; Phase 7 - twentieth century alterations; The finds; Synthesis; Appendix 1; Bibliography; Index.


by Richard Haewood, Christine Howard-Davis, Denise Drury and Mick Krupa

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