What Every Landlord Needs to Know: Time and Money-Saving Solutions to Your Most Annoying Problems

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August 2004



This work offers everything that new and veteran landlords need to know to protect their most valuable investments. How do I raise the rent? How do I legally turn down a prospective tenant? How do I evict a current tenant? These are just a few of the problems that plague both new and established landlords. "What Every Landlord Needs to Know" provides effective solutions for everything from property and tenant issues to maintenance and repair problems, to legal obligations and responsibilities. This comprehensive guide also offers preventive tips to avert the most common problems. Landlord Richard Jorgensen helps landlords maximize the screening power of the rental application and credit report. This work covers basic maintenance and preventive measures that save time and money. It explains what to do if a tenant won't pay the rent. It gives tips for critical (and anxiety producing) personal interaction between landlord and tenant for each problem. It includes a sample rental application, lease, and credit check, as well as a list of credit bureaus and landlord associations.


Chapter 1 Selecting High-Quality Tenants 1

Chapter 2 Finding the Ideal Tenant 9

Chapter 3 Screening Out the Most Undesirable Tenants 23

Chapter 4 Discrimination Laws 47

Chapter 5 Avoiding Rejection Lawsuits 57

Chapter 6 The Legal System 67

Chapter 7 The Rent Application or Application for Lease 83

Chapter 8 Understanding the Lease and Contractual Agreement 93

Chapter 9 Know and Understand the Benefits of the

Credit Report 101

Chapter 10 Finding a Credit Bureau 111

Chapter 11 Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance 123

Chapter 12 Developing a Financially Successful Self-Management Program 137

Chapter 13 Creeping Socialism in Real Estate 159

Chapter 14 Insurance Coverage 167

Chapter 15 Eviction and Collecting Past-Due Rent 173

Chapter 16 Moving Out and Rent Deposit 191

Chapter 17 The Positive Aspects of Real Estate Investing 203

Chapter 18 Forms 211

Index 225


Richard H. Jorgensen (Marshall, MN) has been a landlord, entrepreneur, and real estate developer for more than 30 years.
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