Blooding the Regiment: An Account of the 22d Wisconsin's Long and Difficult Apprenticeship

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This is a rare and comprehensive study that combines combat, political, and administrative history. It shows the reader not only how this regiment fought, but also how it was administered, for better or for worse, how commissions were gained and lost, and how under the hammer blows of repeated battles, this unit eventually became one of the Union's most steadfast, reliable fighting formations.


Part 1 Preface Chapter 2 1 Positive Defiance Chapter 3 2 Called to Arms Chapter 4 3 Camp Utley Chapter 5 4 Cincinnati Chapter 6 5 Contrabands Chapter 7 6 The Abolition Regiment Chapter 8 7 A Bully Regiment Chapter 9 8 To the Front Chapter 10 9 Thompson's Station Chapter 11 10 Forrest Returns Chapter 12 11 Brentwood Chapter 13 12 Prisoners of War Chapter 14 13 Redemption and Release Chapter 15 14 Back to Duty Chapter 16 15 The Petition Chapter 17 16 Watchful Waiting Chapter 18 17 The Trial Chapter 19 18 In Limbo Chapter 20 19 The Purge Chapter 21 20 Opportunity Knocks Again Chapter 22 21 Moving to Contact Chapter 23 22 Redeemed by Fire at Resaca Chapter 24 23 The Yoke Is Lifted Chapter 25 24 Epilogue Part 26 Appendix A: The Booth Case Part 27 Appendix B: Wisconsin's Governors Part 28 Appendix C: Kentucky, Kentuckians, and "Kentucky Generals" Part 29 Appendix D: National Policy and the 22d Wisconsin Part 30 Appendix E: Copperheads - as Viewed by Wisconsin Soldiers Part 31 Appendix F: Exchanges of Officer Prisoners Part 32 Appendix G: Where Did the Arrested Officers Go? Part 33 Appendix H: Griffith and Burgess Part 34 Appendix I: Analysis of a Few of Resaca's Imponderables Part 35 Appendix J: How Owen Griffith Was Brevetted Major Part 36 Appendix K: Cast of Characters Part 37 Resources Part 38 Index Part 39 About the Author


Richard H. Groves served in the U.S. Army for forty years and is a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Engineering and George Washington University. He has served as advisor to the Secretary of Defense for NATO Affairs and as U.S. Chief of Staff in Europe from 1976 to 1979. In the past twenty years, Groves has served as a consultant to government and industry on issues such as European stationing initiatives and Panama Canal upgrades.


Groves traces the evolution of the 22nd Wisconsin Voluntary Infantry Regiment from a group of men beset by infighting and politicking and eventual capture by Confederate forces to a successful unit at the Battle of Resaca. Groves draws on a range of sources, including military records and the soldiers' private letters as well as his 40 years experience in the US Army and his unique position as a descendant of a regiment member. His extensive research allows him to create a vivid portrait of what life was like for the soldiers at each stage of their journey. Reference and Research Book News
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