The Perfect Cover Letter

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A new revision of the classic guide to writing great cover lettersThe Perfect Cover Letter, Third Edition, which has sold nearly 200,000 copies, is a fresh and up-to-date revision of the popular classic. Just like the original, it offers top-notch advice and high-quality samples that help job hunters get the attention they deserve. Two new chapters make the Third Edition even more comprehensive: Chapter 10 offers top-notch samples and step-by-step guidance for writing the perfect networking cover letter, and Chapter 11 presents expert guidance on every variety of thank-you note. With a wealth of easily customizable samples for any situation, The Perfect Cover Letter, Third Edition is a new and improved edition of the classic top-selling career guide.Richard H. Beatty (Malvern, PA) is President of Brandywine Consulting Group, a human resources consulting firm. North Americas leading job-search author, his eight career books for Wiley have sold over 1 million copies.


1. An Introduction to Cover Letters. 2. Cover Letters Format. 3. Characteristics of Good Cover Letters. 4. Characteristics of Poor Cover Letters. 5. Advance Preparation. 6. Cover Letter Inclusions/Exclusions. 7. General Broadcast Cover Letters. 8. Excutive Search Cover Letters. 9. Advertising Response Cover Letters. 10. Networking Cover Letters. 11. The Resume Letter. 12. Employment Thank You Letters. Index.


RICHARD H. BEATTY is President and CEO of Brandywine Consulting Group, a leading executive search and outplacement firm. His bestselling career guides have sold over one million copies and include The Resume Kit, The Five-Minute Interview, 175 High-Impact Cover Letters, 175 High-Impact Resumes, How to Write a Resume if You Didn't Go to College, and The Interview Kit, all available from Wiley.
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