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September 2003



The Resume Kit gives job seekers a leg up in the race for their dream jobs. In this new edition, Beatty shows how to create a winning resume to land any job in the new economy. With over eighty updated and revised sample resumes and cover letters, as well as a new chapter debunking common resume myths, the Fifth Edition of Beatty's bestselling resume guide is better, and more comprehensive, than ever. It offers the best advice on using the Internet to cast a wider net, updated listings on executive search firms, and detailed advice on using every resume format. The expert advice, clear guidance, and all the essential tools job hunters need to succeed are based on Beatty?s three decades of experience.


1. The Resume--What Employers Say They Want.
2. Fact versus Fiction--Exploiting Common Resume Myths.
3. Through the Eyes of the Employment Manager.
4. Preparing to Write.
5. Resume Writing--General Comments.
6. The Chronological Resume.
7. Sample Chronological Resumes.
8. The Linear Resume.
9. Sample Linear Resumes.
10. The Functional Resume.
11. Sample Functional Resumes.
12. Problem Resumes.
13. The Electronic Resume.
14. Physical Appearance of the Resume.
15. The Cover Letter.
16. Sample Cover Letters.
17. The Top 50 Executive Search Firms.
18. The Top 20 Internet Career Sites.


RICHARD H. BEATTY is President and CEO of Brandywine Consulting Group, a leading executive search and outplacement firm. His bestselling career guides have sold over one million copies and include The Interview Kit, The Five-Minute Interview, 175 High-Impact Cover Letters, 175 High-Impact Resumes, How to Write a Resume if You Didn't Go to College, and The Perfect Cover Letter, all available from Wiley.
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