Music Librarianship at the Turn of the Century

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November 2000



Fourteen authors explore the recent past, the present, and the future of music librarianship through an examination of topics of importance to the profession: collection development, preservation, cataloging, technology, copyright, reference, reference sources, user education, music publishing, sound recordings, the antiquarian music market, archives, and education for music librarianship. First published in the quarterly journal Notes, these essays reflect the views of today's professionals at the fin de si cle. The set of essays is framed by a foreword and afterword by editor Richard Griscom.


Richard Griscom is music librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a former executive secretary of the Music Library Association and served as editor of Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association from 1997 to 2000C.


Music Librarianship at the Turn of the Century may well become a required textbook...It will be a useful introduction for all new music librarians, and a valuable refresher for those who have worked in the field for many years. The resources and insights proffered here could take music librarianship well into the next century. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly In this one volume collection of essays, specialists in the field review past developments, assess progress to date, and present a focus for present and future responsibilities and challenges. It is a concise, invigorating discussion by committed and engaged participants who share a passion for their subject...This is an important and timely book, which should be an essential purchase for all music libraries and academic libraries, and required reading for music librarians and anyone contemplating a career as a music librarian. Collection Management This volume is a welcome extension of the on-going dialogue in the world of music deserves wide promotion and readership, espousing as it does so passionately some very fundamental values in Western culture. Australian Library Journal This snapshot will be of tremendous value to historical researchers tracing the evolution of music librarianship...The essays vividly convey the issues, concerns, and occasionally the hopes of music librarians as they approached the new millennium. Literature and Culture Aspiring librarians, budding professionals, and old hand alike would do well to read and digest the messages in this book. Library and Information Science Research ...this is recommended for academic and music libraries and large public libraries. Library Journal
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