Renewing the Eucharist, Volume 1

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Mai 2013



This first volume focuses on the basic order of service - the classic fourfold shape of gathering, word, sacrament and sending. In simple, non technical language leading writers in the field get to the heart of the matter and provide invaluable guidance to clergy, ordinands, Eucharistic ministers, study groups and individuals who wish to understand the Eucharist more fully. Subsequent volumes will focus on Engaging with Scripture, Entering into Communion, Modes and Moods of Prayer and Celebrating the Christian Year.


ANN LOADES is Professor Emerita of Divinity in the University of Durham and a renowned author in the fields of spirituality and feminist theology. RICHARD GILES is the Dean of Philadelphia and author of Re-pitching the Tent and Creating Uncommon Worship. NICOLA SLEE teaches at the Queen's Foundation, Birmingham. MARK IRELAND is diocesan missioner for Lichfield and the author of a number of books on evangelism.
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