The Silent Screen

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A selective history for those who want to be informed without being overwhelmed, who would like to know enough about the silent era to feel at home there, respect its artists, and admire their work.


Richard Dyer MacCann is the author of well over forty published articles and twelve books. He has served as the Hollywood correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and as editor of Cinema Journal. He has produced five works on film and two video series, which include half-hour lectures that coordinate with the books in this series.


The value of this book lies in the author's use of the most recent scholarship, which he incorporates into his text, resulting in a more accurate view of the silent era. The Silent Film Monthly There's little doubt that every movie buff, veteran or novice, will find something of value in this sampler of MacCann's writings, perhaps even inspiring you to search out and read MacCann's books of movie history. Rapport Professor MacCann gives us more than a dry recitation. His well-researched writings are infusyed with a love and fascination for his subject. Selected essays provide an overview of the notable personalities and genres that evolved from the silent era...reading the book approaching an interesting house with many windows. Peering in each window reveals its own is important to encourage the publishing industry to provide new books, like Professor McCann's... The Silents Majority
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