Forty Days with the Enemy

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März 1972



Mr. Dudman (St. Louis Post Dispatch) was captured with two other journalists, one a young woman, in Cambodia and this is the story of their internment by the guerrillas who get full brownie points for being loyal, helpful, courteous, kind, etc., etc. In fact except for his loss of weight on the rice diet, Mr. Dudman probably suffered much less than his wife. Except for the first day when they were treated "a little severely," they shared the life of the guerrillas, lived in a hut, finally enlivened the monotony with chess, and were given their guidelines by the eminently fair peasant revolutionary, Hai: namely that journalists who might work for "peace and neutrality" could maintain their own integrity and be completely acceptable to the guerrillas. This by the very content of the experience constitutes a minor memoir but it is, we believe, the only one of its kind. Mr. Dudman has recorded the forty days with an impeccable regard for the facts as they were and he never raises his voice - even when the American helicopters fly overhead. (Kirkus Reviews)

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