God and Forms in Plato

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Dezember 2005



A collection of dovetailing essays which together interpret and assess the chief arguments and texts which make up Plato's cosmology. It is critically sympathetic to the Platonic project, at least to the extent that it argues that many features of the Platonic cosmology are more intelligible and coherent than usually supposed by critics.


Richard D Mohr is Professor of Philosophy and of Classics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


"The... book [is] perhaps the most acutely argued and intelligent treatment extant of the consequences of a literal view of the Timaeus - that is, a view which accepts the existence of the Demiurge, and the reality of a temporal creation of the world, with which existence is bound up. As one who does not accept this view of the Timaeus, I find myself nevertheless able to applaud the acuity with which Mohr pursues its implications, frequently setting right in the process such giants of Platonic scholarship as Comford, Cherniss, Vlastos and Owen, as well as other very competent authorities such as J.B. Skemp, T. M. Robinson (his own teacher), Hans Herter or Leonardo Taran.... Mohr does a great service... in exposing these difficulties with intelligence and clarity. John Dillon Trinity College, Dublin"
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