Gong Donkeys

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School's out, and David is sent to spend the holidays with Aunt Deelie, Uncle Robert, and cousin Charlene in the rough part of town. It's a summer of stories, but when a child goes missing, accusations are thrown at David's new family, and the line between fact and fiction becomes dangerously blurred.
Richard Cameron's "The Glee Club was a West End hit in 2002 and 2004. "Gong Donkeys opened at the Almeida Theatre in London in November 2004.


Richard Cameron has had six plays produced at the Bush theatre including Pond Life (1992), Not Fade Away (1993), The Mortal Ash (1994), All Of You Mine (1997) and The Glee Club (2002 and 2004). Other recent plays include In Bed With Billy Cotton (1996) at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, With Every B eat (1995) written under the 1995 Thames Television Writer In Residence Award for the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Almost Grown (1995) for The Royal National Theatre, and Seven (1995) for the Birmingham Rep. His earlier work includes Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (1990), The Moon's A Madonna (1989) a nd Strugglers (1989).


"A stunning new play by the award-winning writer of The Glee Club ("Dramatic Dynamite" - Evening Standard
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