Pioneers of the Colorado Parks

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Januar 1997



Presents true stories from the North, Middle, and South Parks of Colorado that convey the frontier history of the Colorado mountains. This title includes stories that features Native Americans, trappers, miners, settlers, lawmen and criminals who represent the history of the settlement of Colorado.


Dr. Richard C. Barth is an ecologist who teaches environmental science courses at Front Range Community College and Denver University. He has authoried three technical books and numerous articles based on his environmental research.


"The individual tales, regardless of where they occur, or in which of the three parks, often illustrate those characteristics that made frontier life very hard, indeed. The story of how Peg Leg Smith's name came to be will make many a reader wince, and while the winters of a century ago may not have really been worse, they certainly seem so in the retelling, and winter played a prominent role in the lives of these early Colorado inhabitants." - Folio
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