Pulping the South: Industrial Tree Plantations and the World Paper Economy

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Juli 1996



In its search for cheap wood to supply raw material, today's pulp and paper industry is throwing its net every wider across the world. One of the more disturbing results is the spread of fast-growing pulpwood plantations in the forests, pastures and farmlands of the South.


Plantations, pulp and paper: introducing pulp and paper; emergence of a global system; social and environmental effects; actors behind the scene; managing resistance. Tree plantations in the South: Brazil - the eucalyptus pulp giant; Chile - a model imposed by a dictatorship; Uruguay - "forests" in the grasslands; South Africa - a fibre exporter with few forests; Indonesia - deforestation, plantations and resources; Thailand - from "reforestation" to contract farming; looking to the future.


'Packed with detail and backed by crystal-clear analysis, this book is an essential tool for all who support the social movements of the South that are resisting this theft of land and livelihood.' - Marcus Colchester, Director, Forest Peoples Programme.
'This is a book of incontestable importance. It shows how an industry widely assumed to be benign is responsible for misery, destitution an destruction. Pulping the South is a wake up call to the world.' - George Monbiot, author of "No Man's Land"
'This book provides exhaustive and provocative scrutiny of the social and environmental impacts of the expansion of the pulp and paper industry in the South.' - Krishna Ghimire, Project Leader, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Geneva
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