Salt Water Creek

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Mai 2003



Rhian Gallagher's first collection travels from her native New Zealand to London, from Ireland to New York. With a light touch her precise, vivid language describes childhood geographies, the death of parents, moments of solitude and erotic love between women. The poems unfold in a deceptively relaxed style and are full of stings and surprises.


Rhian Gallagher was born in the South Island of New Zealand and has lived in London for the past thirteen years. Recently she participated in the pilot Mentoring Scheme set up by the London Arts Board in conjunction with The Poetry School.


'Gallagher is the kind of writer whose eye can redefine any scene... Originality in some poets entails difficulty, but Gallagher's writing, unusual both in matter and manner, is never obscurely self reflexive: it is both original and beautifully clear.' - Carol Rumens'[Rhian Gallagher] efficiently and vividly conjures whole landscapes and seascapes - especially where the two meet in harbours and littorals, with all their odours, sounds, movements, stillnesses, and visual oddities. This highly sensual poetry has the tang of real lives lived in all their moments, in all their sad clarities.' - Ken Smith
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