Wormwood: The Terrible Truth about Islam

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April 2009



You could be killed simply for possessing, let alone reading and sharing the message of this book.
This book is intended as a Christian WARRIOR'S training manual. It is neither sophomoric nor is it soft-spoken. Whereas the author daily washes in The Word of Our Lord, he will never be accused of dripping with grace.
This is a hard book written for the hard times already upon us-hard times that demand we strike a balance between hardening our hearts to the world, while opening our souls to God.
If you are a "comfortable" Christian, one who is content to sit around waiting for 'The Rapture Bus' to come pulling up outside your doorway, then this book was not written for you.
I don't know about you but, were I expecting to get on that bus, I'd be wanting to take MY CHILDREN on board with me. Well you'll not be able to take your children with you, not if The Antichrist has already taken them!
This book was written for those Christian WARRIORS willing to fight for the children-not just for your own children, but for your neighbor's children, and even for the children of your enemy-ISLAM.

While written FOR the children, this book was not intended to be read BY children.
This book contains frank and often DISTURBING discussions and images of torture, sex and every other imaginable occult abomination practiced by Islam. Even MATURE Christians, those unafraid to take up the sword-to look the Antichrist square in the eye and battle back The Beast!-may still reel from the images contained herein.
Still these words must be said. Hopefully they will likewise be read.
Read and research-preach to reach. One man's voice may be drowned out, but no flood can silence the truth.
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