Spanish Guerrilla in the Peninsular War

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Constant Spanish guerrilla activity so drained the resources and diverted the attention of the French military that Wellington was able to advance against and overcome a numerically superior enemy. So many French soldiers were being used to counter the guerrillas and the threat that they posed that less than a third of the French army could be tasked with confronting Wellington. This book brings to life, for the first time, the formation, tactics and experiences of the Spanish guerrilla forces that fought Napoleon's army. Using much previously unpublished material, it offers a vivid description of the guerrilla and his lifestyle.


Introduction - the revolts in Spain, 1808; from regular units to bands in the hills; the guerillas are officially supported; the French treatment of the guerrillas; guerilla bands; trials and triumphs; Espoz y Mina - the greatest; Don Julian Sanchez - Wellington's Spanish eyes; El Empecinado; why become a guerilla?; tactics; appearance and equipment; cruelty; the French counter-guerrilla measures fail; guerrillas are absorbed into the Spanish army; liberation, national pride and heritage; colour plate commentary; museums; collecting; re-enactment.


Rene Chartrand was born in Montreal and educated in Canada, the US and the Bahamas. A senior curator with Canada's National Historic Sites for nearly three decades, he is now a freelance writer and historical consultant. He has written numerous articles and books including some 20 Osprey titles. He lives in Hull, Quebec, with his wife and two sons.
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