Wireless Broadband Handbook

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August 2001



This book focuses on the business needs driving wireless technology and asks and answers: What is it? What's it going to do for me? How much will it cost me?


<H3> Chapter 1: The History of Wireless.<H3> Chapter 2: Radio Technologies and Systems.<H3> Chapter 3: Access Techniques for Radio-Based Systems.<H3> Chapter 4: Cellular Communications.<H3> Chapter 5: Personal Communications.<H3> Chapter 6: Global System for Mobile (GSM).<H3> Chapter 7: Wireless Data Communications Services.<H3> Chapter 8: Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs).<H3> Chapter 9: Wireless Innovations in Broadband.<H3> Chapter 10: Emerging Wireless Standards.<H3> Chapter 11: Wireless Applications.


Regis J. "Bud" Bates (Phoenix, AZ), president of TC International Consulting, has 40 years of experience in telecommunications and information systems. He is a wireless systems expert who specializes in network operations and planning. Bates is the author of more than 15 technology-oriented books.


"Five Star Amazon Customer Review: Broadband Telecommunications HB -- Excellent resource! Very well written and thorough. Most of my customers are in the telecom/datacom field. I was very happy that I chanced upon this book. It goes through the end user's perspective, the IS/IT staff's perspective and what's the typical decision process to make sure the design is appropriate and excellent description of each technology. It helps in sounding more intelligent in front of my customers as well as better service.
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