The Brightwork Companion

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Februar 2004



Guides readers through various steps of refinishing their boat's wood trim. This guide includes guidelines for evaluating the brightwork to be treated; procedures for bleaching, sanding, stripping, oiling, and varnishing; and refinishing instructions for spars, decks, trim, and interiors.


<h3>Preface<h4>How this book appends, but differs from, The Original, and therefore why it is advisable to own both versions.<h2>part one: the Brightwork enigma: an introduction<h3>chapter one: the more things change, the more they stay the same . . .<h4>A few words about the enduring nature of brightwork methodology<h3>chapter two: afflictions and cures . . .<h4>Dreamboat turns nightmare; Choosing a path of brightwork stewardship; Levels of varnish deterioration, and their cures<h3>chapter three: now, about varnish--in a nutshell<h4>What's the basic formula?; Varnishes and solvents, briefly!<h2>part 2: the refinishing program<h3>chapter four: order in the port!<h4>Plan the projects--all of them, in logical order; Learn to read the weather; Shop for materials--Once! (or at least not eighty-three times . . . ); Prep the boat and get to work!<h3>chapter five: strip me once, strip me twice, strip me once again, it's been a long, long time . . .<h4>How To: Bleach off a finish; Strip with a heat gun; Remove finishes that require chemical strippers; Dry-scrape . . . if you have the strength!; Know when and how to sand off a finish!<h3>chapter six: it's a thankless job, and your name is Somebody . . . intermediate prep work<h4>How To: Sand stripped/bare wood; Bleach out stains; Create a smooth plane--preparatory detailing<h3>chapter seven: building up to the grand finale<h4>How To: Apply paste wood fillers, stains, sealers . . .<h3>chapter eight: never use lard<h4>How To: Oil your brightwork, for various reasons<h3>chapter nine: the varnished truth<h4>How To: Varnish, with as much unvarnished guidance as I can muster . . .<h3>chapter ten: now, let's try to keep it that way, soldier!<h4>How To: Set up and keep the maintenance schedule . . .<h3>chapter eleven: cabin soles, decks, and spars--oh my!<h4>Three special brightwork challenges<h2>part 3: tools, materials, and resources<h3>chapter twelve: you can never be too rich or have too many tools . . .<h4>Rebecca's favorites and "must-haves," including what's been developed since 1990<h3>chapter thirteen: it's a materials world . . .<h4>Various products of the trade, . . . plus safety materials and some general finishing safety tips<h3>chapter thirteen and one-half: extra! extra! read all about it!<h4>Books, printed matter, and websites that help feed the brightwork junkie's habit . . .<h3>Index


Born and raised on a cattle ranch near Lewiston, Idaho, one of eight children, Rebecca Wittman moved to Seattle after college and became a clothing designer for Brittania Sportswear, a night-club singer who sang the national anthem on CBS at a 1979 NBA championship game, and, in the mid-1970s, a brightwork artist. She cofounded a custom yacht refinishing company, The Teak Twins, in 1978, and within five years completed full or partial brightwork restoration projects on more than 100 yachts in the Seattle area. In 1983 she founded a yacht management and refinishing business in Marina del Rey, California, then returned to Seattle in 1986, refinishing her 500th boat in the early 1990s. She has taught brightwork classes and annual spring seminars at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, and now owns and runs a real-estate management company. HOMETOWN: Seattle, WA
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