Women of the New Right

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September 1988



Analyzing varying perceptions of women of the New Right, this book examines their beliefs and values, their vision of America, their interpretations of Communism, big government, and feminism, as well as their view of themselves as women and as political actors.


Rebecca E. Klatch is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


"Klatch moves us beyond the association of right-wing women and anti-feminist activities to a better understanding of how women in the New Right understand the political debates of our times... This is an important book." --Gender and Society "[Women of the New Right offers] ...valuable insights into symbols and arguments that have given the Right so much of its power. Rebecca Klatch paints a telling portrait of the right-wing ideology she discovered among 30 women active in a broad spectrum of conservative causes... Its major strength is that it forces us to take women of the New Right seriously. The book counters the standard, sexist dismissal of such women as monomaniacal, anti-feminist reactionaries. They aren't. The women Klatch portrays are not easily stereotyped: what they say reveals them to be women struggling to articulate their worldview in a political way." --The Women's Review of Books
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