Communicating Today: The Essentials

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August 2002



Communicating Today: The Essentials combines a solid grounding in theory and history with competency-oriented chapters on interviewing, group discussion, and public speaking. Through this text, students will gain an appreciation for the development of the field, its major areas of emphasis and its relevance and applications to contemporary issues. Each of the 15 chapters features five themes to augment the focus of the chapter: history, diversity, competencies, critical thinking, and technology. Communicating Today: The Essentials challenges students to think about issues, acquire skills and knowledge, understand concepts, and apply terms and theories to their entire communication repertoire.


Each chapter concludes with "Summary," "Key Terms," "Exercises," and "References." 1. How We Got Here: Communication Study in the Past. Early Education. Communication in the Middle Ages. Thinking, Speaking, and Changing Religion. Communication and Political Changes. The Revolutionary Tradition. Communication in American Life. Speech Communication. 2. What We Have Learned: Communication Principles. A Formal Definition. Principles. Communication Competency Reviewed. 3. What We Know About Listening. Listening-The First Communication Event. Purposes and Places for Listening Skills. Improving Listening Competency. 4. Critical Thinking and Communication. Critical Thinking Defined. Approaches to Reasoning. Informed Decision-Making. 5. What We Know About Nonverbal Communication. A Definition of Nonverbal Communication. The Impact of Nonverbal Communication. Nonverbal Communication Contexts and Rules. Types of Nonverbal Communication. Improving Nonverbal Communication. 6. What We Know About Verbal Communication Symbols, Utterances, and Meaning. Acquiring Language Skills. Speaking and Writing. Use and Misuse of Language. Improving Language Competency. 7. Intrapersonal Communication. A Definition of Intrapersonal Communication. Development of Intrapersonal Communication. Thoughts, Feelings, and Dreams. Functional and Dysfunctional Communication Systems. Improving Intrapersonal Communication Competency. 8. Interpersonal Communication. Definition of Interpersonal Communication. Communication and Relationship Development. Communication Climate and Conflict. Conflict Management. Improving Interpersonal Skills. 9. Interviewing. Defining the Interview. Interviewing Another Person. Structure and Sequence. Being Interviewed. Interview Formats. Improving Interview Competency. 10. Small Group Communication. Small Group Communication Defined. Types of Small Groups. Communication Patterns in Groups. Environments. Phases of Group Development. Personal Influences. Leadership Influences. Outcomes and Measurement. Organizations: Groups Working Together. Improving Small Group Communication Competency. 11. Preparing Speeches. Outlining Principles. Organizational Patterns. Analyzing Your Listeners. Using Supporting Materials. Researching Your Ideas. Competency in Speech Preparation. 12. Presenting Speeches. Types of Presentation Styles. Dealing with Apprehension. Evaluating Public Speeches. Improving Public Communication Competency. 13. Informing Others. Types and Purposes of Informative Speaking. Patterns of Informative Speaking. Evaluating Informative Speeches. Improving Informative Speaking Competency. 14. Persuading Others. Defining Persuasion. Value Systems. Attitude Change Theory. Types of Persuasive Speeches. Developing Motivating Supporting Materials. Developing Persuasive Organization. Developing Persuasive Language. Developing Persuasive Delivery. Evaluating Persuasive Speeches. Improving Persuasive Communication Competency. 15. Speaking on Special Occasions. Speaking to Introduce Another Person. Speaking to Commemorate a Person or Event. Speaking to Accept or Thank. Speaking on Short Notice-Impromptu. Reading Literature Aloud. Index.
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