3-D Filmmakers: Conversations with Creators of Stereoscopic Motion Pictures

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Although numerous books about conventional filmmaking exist, none has solely addressed the challenges and production requirements of making stereoscopic motion pictures--until now. Stereographer and film historian Ray Zone presents the insights of twenty-one professionals who have worked in this specialized field. In this unique collection of interviews, Zone explores the art and craft of 3-D filmmaking with producers, screenwriters, directors, and cinematographers.


Part 1 Introduction Chapter 2 1 Arch Oboler Chapter 3 2 Chris Condon Chapter 4 3 Lenny Lipton Chapter 5 4 Steve Gibson Chapter 6 5 Arnold Herr Chapter 7 6 Murray Lerner Chapter 8 7 Paul Ryan Chapter 9 8 Isidore Mankofsky Chapter 10 9 Sean Phillips Chapter 11 10 Howard Hall Chapter 12 11 Toni Myers Chapter 13 12 Brian Duffy Chapter 14 13 Martin Mueller Chapter 15 14 James Neihouse Chapter 16 15 Simon Wincer Chapter 17 16 Stephen Low Chapter 18 17 Hugh Murrary Chapter 19 18 James Cameron Chapter 20 19 Vince Pace Chapter 21 20 Ben Stassen Chapter 22 21 Steve Schklair Part 23 Index Part 24 About the Author


Ray Zone is a widely published author and speaker whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, American Cinematographer, and The Hollywood Reporter. A 3-D film producer and an award-winning 3-D artist and photographer, Zone has produced or published over 130 3-D comic books and created stereoscopic images for more than two decades.


...a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the evolving developments of this exciting cinema niche. Especially recommended for fans of 3-D. Wisconsin Bookwatch extremely informative book... Optische Fenomenen, March 2006 (translation) A collection of 21 interviews with cinematographers, producers, camera technicians, writers, and directors who have worked with twin-strip, anaglyphic, 15/70 IMAX 3-D, and digital cinema production and exhibition. While the other 20 interviews appear to be current, the opening conversation with director Arch Oboler took place in 1983. Reference and Research Book News
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