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September 2004



Winner of the Gerald Lampert Award for Poetry (2005) and shortlisted for the Trillium Award for Poetry (2005)


Ray Hsu


Ray Hsu's first book demonstrates that this young writer knows exactly what he's doing. "Anthropy" covers a lot of ground, containing poetic sequences, lyrics and anti-lyrics, (mis)translations, and, in the title piece, a (de)constructed autobiography. Hsu has a smart sense of the dramatic comment, the witty aside, the slightly offbeat observation, the fragmented but direct perception, all of which make strange sense. His is a vision mature beyond his years...
Hsu finds a new and different way to see old stories, pieces of history, even the few personal and homey events he slips into a couple of pieces. His scholarly background (he is a PhD student) shows up in many pieces, as in the comment in the supposedly autobiographical "Anthropy" that even if "Joyce was on to something," an "autobiography is a Kunstlerroman in reverse, working downward to a simple root." But he plays such ideas against each other with verve and subtlety. The sequence on Walter Benjamin manages to invent his last days while remaining true to the spirit of this fiercely investigative philosopher.
"Anthropy" would be a strong collection under any circumstances; as a first book, it announces Ray Hsu as a writer whose potential is already manifest. Readers will be watching to see what he does next.
--Douglas Barbour, "Canadian Book Review"
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