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November 1996



Electronic commerce offers functionality and new ways of doing business that cannot be ignored. Readings in Electronic Commerce is a collection of research papers addressing issues facing academia and industry in the age of electronic commerce. Experts in the field come together with the goal of helping companies better understand the shape, structure, and operation of business in the coming millennium. Investments in electronic commerce introduce far-reaching organizational and technological issues. Each of the five parts covers important aspects of the role electronic commerce is playing in the strategy of business, providing value to both external and internal customers. Here is a collection of some of the best thinking from researchers who specialize in the various facets of electronic markets -- namely economics, finance, marketing, production and operations management-- as well as technology experts in the industry who are creating and specializing in the electronic commerce infrastructure. Highlights
  • Introduces the public policy issues you need to know when making business decisions
  • Describes the cryptograpic protocols for secure electronic transactions required when a trusted third party is involved
  • Presents the economic challenges and difficulties in the electronic commerce market
  • Discusses several network payment models, including NetChequer and NetCash systems, and shows how the design of a payment system can influence its flexibility
  • Explores the reasons behind the technical and operational concerns of electronic commerce, and offers solutions to these problems.


= Preface.
= Acknowledgments.
List of Contributors.
Biographical Sketches of the Authors.
I. INTRODUCTORY OVERVIEW. 1. An Unaffiliated View of Internet Commerce, David H. Crocker.
2. Commercial Scenarios for the Web: Opportunities and Challenges, Donna L. Hoffman, Thomas P. Novak, and Patrali Chatterjee.
3. An Evaluation of the World Wide Web as a Platform for Electronic Commerce, Daniel W. Connolly.
II. GENERAL BUSINESS AND POLICY. 4. Electronic Commerce: A Washington Perspective, James B. Rapp.
5. International Encryption Policy, Dorothy E. Denning.
6. The Essential Role of Trusted Third Parties in Electronic Commerce, A. Michael Froomkin.
III. PRICING AND ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS. 7. Perils and Pitfalls of Practical Internet Commerce: The Lessons of First Virtual's First Year, Nathaniel S. Borenstein, John Ferguson, Gerald Hall, Carlyn Lowery, Richard Mintz, Darren New, Beverly Parenti, Marshall T. Rose, Einar Stefferud, Lee Stein, Carey Storm, Ed Vielmetti, Marc Weiser, and Pierre-R. Wolff.
8. Economic Issues in Electronic Commerce, Alok Gupta, Dale O. Stahl, and Andrew B. Whinston.
9. A Flexible Framework for Network Payment, B. Clifford Neuman.
IV. DOUMENT MANAGEMENT AND DIGITAL LIBRARIES. 10. Document Management and Electronic Commerce, Larry Masinter.
11. Smart Catalogs and Virtual Catalogs, Arthur M. Keller.
V. BUSINESS APPLICATIONS. 12. Distributed Decision Support Systems for Real-Time Supply Chain Management Using Agent Technologies, Aimo Hinkkanen, Ravi Kalakota, Porama Saengcharoenrat, Jan Stallaert, and Andrew B. Whinston.
13. Electronic Markets, R. Preston McAfee and John McMillan.
14. Intranets: Looking beyond Internal Corporate Web Servers, Ramnath Chellappa, Anitesh Barua, and Andrew B. Whinston.
15. Electronic Publishing versus Publishing Electronically, Ramnath Chellappa, Anitesh Barua, Jennifer Oetzel, and Andrew B. Whinston.
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Dr. Ravi Kalakota is a pioneer in the area of e-commerce. He is the CEO of e-Business Strategies, a technology research and consulting practice, and has consulted extensively with start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies. Andrew B. Whinston is the Cullen Chair Professor of Information Systems, Computer Science and Economics, IC2 Fellow, and Director of the Center for Information Systems Management at the University of Texas at Austin. His recent research interests are Internet pricing and application of client/server computing to support groups working collaboratively.
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