The City at Stake: Secession, Reform, and the Battle for Los Angeles

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"An absorbing insider's account of the maneuvering among elites in a major American city in the process of redefining itself politically. Sonenshein's analysis of behind-the-scenes politicking is virtually unmatched in the urban politics literature."--Michael Jones-Correa, Cornell University
"The author does a good job of combining his personal notes with newspaper articles and interviews to tell a complete story of charter reform. This should be an important contribution to the urban politics literature."--Bruce Cain, University of California, Berkeley


List of Maps ix List of Tables xi Preface: Reform under the Gun xiii Acknowledgments xix PART ONE: The Dynamics of Urban Reform CHAPTER ONE The Politics of Reform: The New Institutionalism Meets the New Diversity 3 CHAPTER TWO Studying Los Angeles Politics 14 PART TWO: The Roots of Los Angeles Charter Reform CHAPTER THREE Reform, Los Angeles Style 29 CHAPTER FOUR Richard Riordan and Conservative Reform 57 CHAPTER FIVE Valley Secession and the Suburban Revolt 72 CHAPTER SIX Charter Reform: The Cure for Secession? 84 PART THREE: The Battle over the Charter CHAPTER SEVEN The 1997 Municipal Elections and the Politics of Charter Reform 95 CHAPTER EIGHT The Charter Reform Commissions 104 CHAPTER NINE The Inside Game: Mayoral Authority 110 CHAPTER TEN The Inside Game: Police Reform 123 CHAPTER ELEVEN The Outside Game: The Politics of Participation 130 PART FOUR: The Unified Charter CHAPTER TWELVE The Creation of the Unified Charter 151 CHAPTER THIRTEEN The Fall and Rise of the Unified Charter 163 CHAPTER FOURTEEN The Campaign for the Unified Charter 185 PART FIVE: The Battle over Secession CHAPTER FIFTEEN Implementation 209 CHAPTER SIXTEEN The 2001 Municipal Elections 215 CHAPTER SEVENTEEN The Vote on Secession 227 PART SIX: The Future of Urban Reform CHAPTER EIGHTEEN Toward a Reform Regime: Governing Postsecession Los Angeles 241 CHAPTER NINETEEN Conclusions and Implications: Reform, Twenty-First-Century Style 251 APPENDIX ONE Summary of the Charter Proposal 267 APPENDIX TWO Using Ecological Inference Model to Verify Results 275 Bibliography 279 Index 293


Raphael J. Sonenshein is Professor of Political Science at California State University, Fullerton, and the author of "Politics in Black and White: Race and Power in Los Angeles" (Princeton). Between 1997 and 1999, he served as Executive Director of the City of Los Angeles Charter Reform Commission.


A lively, detailed, yet academic book. I imagine reading it would prove instructive for all those involved in or concerned with public administration and public policy, particularly at the municipal level--and particularly in terms of building coalitions.
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