I Am Undeterred

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This workbook is a companion to the powerful new book UNDETERRED: THE SIX SUCCESS HABITS OF WOMEN IN EMERGING ECONOMIES.

Is anything holding you back in your career, business, or life? The undeterred woman lets nothing stop her from creating the life she desires! In I AM UNDETERRED, Rania Habiby Anderson provides you with the tools, tips, and strategies you need to take bold action. Here you will find 31 result-producing exercises based on the six success habits Rania uncovered in her research for UNDETERRED. These exercises will help you develop:
. Self-confidence
. Motivation
. Courage
. Competence
. Focus
. Work-life integration
. The right network
. Influence
. Impact
. And more

Originally from the Middle East, Rania Habiby Anderson, founder of, is the world's leading expert on the professional advancement of women in growth economies, an executive coach, a global speaker, and an angel investor.
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