The Wedge: How to Stop Selling and Start Winning

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This is the only proven technique for separating prospective clients from your competitors and winning new business. Presents and discussses the Wedge sales strategy, which was developed by a winning sales consultant who has coached many hundreds of sales people. The book concentrates on a four-step process called Position, Leverage, Growth, and Scoreboard. Sales people must position their books of business for profitability and growth by over serving the top 20 percent of clients. They must leverage satisfied customers to gain referral prospects. They must accelerate sales growth by busting incumbent relationships. And they must track sales growth through a formal scoreboard. Written for individual sales persons by a well-known sales consultant, The Wedge discusses why traditional selling doesn't work, what sales people need to know to win, and the six steps of The Wedge sales process. Includes actual scripting aids and practical, situation-specific winning sales examples.

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