Romanization in the Time of Augustus

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Februar 2008



During the lifetime of Augustus (from 63 BC to AD 14), Roman civilization spread at a remarkable rate throughout the ancient world, influencing such areas as art and architecture, religion, law, local speech, city design, and leisure and family activities. This book investigates why the adoption of Roman ways was so prevalent during this period.


Ramsay MacMullen, Dunham Professor Emeritus of Classics and History at Yale University, is CEO of PastTimes Press and the recipient of a lifetime Award for Scholarly Distinction from the American Historical Association. He is also the author of Voting About God in Early Church Councils, Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries, Corruption and the Decline of Rome, Paganism in the Roman Empire, and Roman Social Relations, all published by Yale University Press.


"'Fans of Ramsay MacMullen's prolific output will find in this latest volume all the ingredients of his previous successes... This small book with its large theme is important enough to merit both attention and critical evaluation; and whether it inspires imitation or provokes a creative resistance, the scholarly community is lucky to have it.' Greg Woolf, Journal of Roman Archaeology 'MacMullen's study succeeds admirably. He has taken a huge body of complex material and produced attractive answers to important questions. His documentation is transparent and exemplary, allowing readers to follow him and check his conclusions at every turn... Readers interested in the origins of their cultural patrimony will be well served by this book.' Geoffrey Bakewell, Theological Studies"
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