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A practitioner's guide to implementing and architecting security in enterprises
that use SOA. Covers WS-Security, XML Encryption, XML Signatures, and
SAML. It is the only book in the market that is hands-on, at the code level.
Anyone seeking to implement SOA Security is forced to dig through a maze of
inter-dependent specifications and API docs that assume a lot of prior security
knowledge on the part of readers. Getting started on a project is proving to be a
huge challenge to practitioners. This book seeks to change that. It provides a
bottom-up understanding of security techniques appropriate for use in SOA
without assuming any prior familiarity with security topics.
Unlike most other books about SOA that merely describe the standards, this
book helps readers learn through action, by walking them through sample code
that illustrates how real life problems can be solved using the techniques and best
practices described in the standards. It simplifies things: where standards usually
discuss many possible variations of each security technique, this book focuses
on the 20% of variations that are used 80% of the time. This keeps the material
covered useful for all readers except the most advanced.
. Why SOA Security is different from ordinary computer security, with
real life examples from popular domains such as finance, logistics, and
. Uses open source tools and code examples to show how things work.
This knowledge is then useful for work with proprietary tools.
. Assumes no prior security knowledge
One of the major obstacles to implementing SOA in enterprises is the difficulty
in grasping what is different about security in SOA. There is a lot of published
material out there about SOA security-but it does not provide the specifics
on how to plan, design, and implement enterprise-class SOA security architecture.
This book addresses that challenge in a hands-on way.


Dr. Ramarao (Rama) Kanneganti is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at HCLEAI Services. Rama has a Ph.D. in programming languages from Rice Universityand has worked at Bell Labs in databases and large programming systems.Currently, he advises enterprise clients in formulating and evlauating SOA strategies.Rama works out of Grosse Pointe Woods (near Detroit), Michigan, USA.Prasad A. Chodavarapu is General Manager (Technology) at HCL EAI Services,Bangalore, India. Prasad leads service teams designing and deploying integrationsolutions at enterprises world-wide. Prasad's current focus is on the use of application-oriented networking technologies to implement and secure SOA.
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