The Invisible Caring Hand: American Congregations and the Provision of Welfare

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August 2002



Based on in-depth interviews with clergy and lay leaders in 251 congregations nationwide, this groundbreaking volume provides empirical data to social scientists, religious study scholars, and those involved in the debates over the role of faith-based organizations in social services.


"Cnaan has reported an elegant story about religious congregations and their role in providing social welfare assistance. The book is emperically rich, narratively enhanced, and theoretically thick. It not only documents the role of congregations but also identifies their limitations as social welfare providers. The book is informative and catalyzes reflection on the issues. It is grounded in a large, national, multimethod research project spanning the United States, with a limited focus in Canada. The weaving together of these data is impressive. I particularly appreciate the use of case studies to explicate the array of congregational approaches to caring. For aficionados of case study method, of which I am one, these materials are rich, dense, and artfully constructed. The survey data are also well presented. Together, these data provide a story that resembles an artfully constructed mosaic."--Non Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly "The Invisible Caring Hand represents an excellent addition to studies focused in understanding the role of local churches in their community." --Sociology of Religion "This book provides some much needed insight into the way congregations function in the povision of social services."--Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work "An important and timely contribution to our understanding... Policy makers and church leaders alike will benefit from Cnaan's groundbreaking investigation of the facts." -- The Social Policy Journal "The first systematic and comprehensive social science description of social service contributions of diverse religious congregations... Could not be more timely or useful to academic and religious community audiences which now seek credible 'handles' for accessing and understanding this newly exposed but surprisingly extensive faith based contribution to human welfare in the United States." --Edward Newman, Temple University "Cnaan's newest book should be required reading for anyone interestedin American congregational life and faith-based social service provision in the wake of the welfare reform. It makes many valuable contributions and will be a sourcebook on congregational service provisions for some time to come." --Social Forces "A significant new study ... Cnaan's book is an encouragement for churches, many of whom face resistance to their building or expansion plans from municipalities that don't acknowledge their value to the community." --Leadership Quarterly
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