Rebuilding Low Income Housing

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Juli 1994



Proposes a different strategy for producing decent, affordable housing for low-income people through non-profit community-based organizations. This book analyzes the limitations of both profit-oriented developers and public agencies as the primary vehicles for developing low- and middle-income housing.


Preface Acknowledgments Part I: Introduction 1. Housing Problems and Current Responses 2. Housing Programs and Housing Evaluations Part II: Traditional Federally Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs 3. The Public Housing Program 4. Publicly Subsidized Private Housing 5. CASE STUDY: Private versus Public Goals: Conflicting Interests in Resyndication 6. HUD and Low-Income Housing Programs 7. CASE STUDY: HUD's Property Disposition Policies and the Granite Properties Emily J. Morris, co-author Part III: The Past, Present, and Future of Community-Based Housing 8. An Overview and Assessment of the Community-Based Housing Strategy 9. CASE STUDY: Community-Based Housing Development at the Local Level: The Challenges Facing South Holyoke, Massachusetts Thomas M. Harden, co-author 10. Dilemmas of Community-Based Housing Development CASE STUDIES: Two Community Development Corporations Eric Bove, Phillip Brown, Peter Hollands, Sarah Snow, and John Thoma, case studies co-authors 11. Public Support for Community-Based Housing in Massachusetts 12. CASE STUDY: Institutionalizing Community-Based Housing Development: The Boston Housing Partnership Wendy Plotkin, co-author 13. Rebuilding a Low-Income Housing Policy Notes References Index


"A useful resource for planners an activist working on housing development. It provides a wealth of information about the positive and negative outcomes of various federal and local initiatives." - International Journal of Urban and Regional Research "[L]ittle work has been done to show that a community-based housing program is a viable alternative. Rachel Bratt's new book...fills this void nicely by giving a detailed account of the recent emergence of community-based housing programs...Bratt is perhaps the country's leading expert in this area...While the main emphasis of the book is on community-based housing programs, an additional plus is a critical review of the history of United States housing programs which I found illuminating and insightful." - Journal of Urban Affairs
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