A Modern Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Water Waves

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Juni 2004



This text considers classical and modern problems in linear and non-linear water-wave theory.


1. Mathematical preliminaries; 2. Some classical problems in water-wave theory; 3. Weakly nonlinear dispersive waves; 4. Slow modulation of dispersive waves; 5. Epilogue.


' ... an excellent textbook for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses'. Nonlinear News ' ... the book would amke an excellent textbook for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses'. J. D. Gibbon, UK Nonlinear Science News 'This is an excellent textbook suitable to the last-year undergraduate students in applied mathematics, physics, or engineering, as well as to the first-year graduate students in similar areas.' Zietschrift fur Angwandte Mathematik und Physik 'The book is a valuable source of information on the mathematic theory of water gravity waves and I am very pleased to have it on my shelf. I would recommend it to anyone who deals or is going to deal with this subject, but first for all to mathematically inclined readers.' M. Markiewicz, ZAMM ' ... the publication of this book will be welcomed by researchers and postgraduate students in water-wave theory.' C. M. Linton, Contemporary Physics 'This is a well-written book that is a pleasure to read.' T. R. Akylas, European Journal of Mechanics
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