Military Intervention in the 1990s

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Dezember 1992



The war in the Persian Gulf marked the greatest "projection of power" in history, dwarfing in its scale and speed even the D-day landings of 1944. It dramatically demonstrated the revolution in military affairs which has followed the end of confrontation in Europe. Yet the Gulf War and its aftermath also demonstrated the vast complexities of the projection of power, even in the favorable conditions witnessed in the Gulf.
In this important and timely study, Richard Connaughton, who has visited a peace-keeping operation in Kurdistan and has worked in close collaboration with U.S. military authorities, makes a valuable contribution to the study of international affairs. "Military Intervention in the 1990s" provides the first comprehensive professional study of the problems of future interventions in the context of a complex of political and military issues at the operational level.


Part 1 Why?: instability in large parts of the Third World; the new congeniality among the permanent members of the UN Security Council; the failure and difficulties in achieving military intervention. Part 2 How?: establish the "rules of the game"; utilize the UNs legal mechanism; restructure the UNs military organization design; a strategy resource allocation summary. Conclusions - why and how?
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