Endothelial Cell Culture

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Endothelial Cell Culture contains chapters by experts on endothelial cells derived from the lung, bone marrow, brain, mammary glands, skin, adipose tissue, female reproductive system, and synovium.


Preface to the series; Introduction Roy Bicknell; 1. Lung microvascular endothelial cells: defining in vitro models William W. Carley; 2. Bone marrow endothelium John Sweetenham and Lisa Masek; 3. Endothelium of the brain Charlotte Schulze; 4. Isolation, culture and properties of microvessel endothelium from human breast adipose tissue P. W. Hewett and J Cliff Murray; 5. Human skin microvascular endothelial cells Zbigniew Ruszczak; 6. Microvascular endothelium from adipose tissue Stuart K. Williams; 7. Endothelium of the female reproductive system Yuan Zhao and Margaret C. P. Rees; 8. Synovial microvascular endothelial cell isolation and culture S. E. Abbott, C. R. Stevens and D. R. Blake.


'At last! A book dedicated to the isolation of endothelian cells ... there are some excellent sections ... the book should provide a useful reference that will assist any research laboratory interested in isolating microvascular endothelial cells' Chris Jackson, Trends in Cell Biology
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