Residential Land Developer S Checklists and Forms

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August 2004



R. Dodge Woodson uses his years of experience as a builder and land developer to compile this unique checklist and forms book covering the day-to-day business practices of the residential land developers and the construction community.
All forms and checklists will also be available in customizable Word and PDF format from companion website.
Contents: Researching Profitable Properties * Doing the Demographics * Zoning Matters * Flood Zones and Flood Plains * Wetland Issues * Road Considerations * Leftover Lots * Timber Tactics * Budgeting Your Money * Selecting Partners * Beating the Bank * Organizational Skills That Win - Selecting Your Professional Team * Contractual Terms and Offers * Dealing With PropertyOwners * Working With Real Estate Brokers * Site Inspections * Plans and Specifications * Putting Work Out to Bids * Sales Projections * Insurance Needs * Working With Subcontractors * Watching Your Workers * Beating Your Budget * The Exit Plan


<H4>Introduction<H3>Chapter 1: Financial Budgets and Considerations<H3>Chapter 2: Putting Your Plans Together<H3>Chapter 3: Sample Arguments<H3>Chapter 4: The Permit Process<H3>Chapter 5: Environmental and Flood Factors<H3>Chapter 6: Working WIth Contractors<H3>Chapter 7: Managing Your Development


R. Dodge Woodson (Brunswick, ME) has over 20 years' experience as a home builder, contractor, master plumber, and real estate broker. He is the author of many McGraw-Hill books, including Be A Successful Building Contractor 2/e, and National Plumbing Codes Handbook 2/e.
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