Inside/Outside: International Relations as Political Theory

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November 1992



This book offers an original analysis of the relationship between twentieth-century theories of international relations, and the political theory of civil society. The author views theories of international relations both as an ideological expression of the modern state, and as a clear indication of the difficulties of thinking about a world politics distinct from relations among states. Theories are examined in the light of recent debates about modernity and post-modernity, the rearticulation of political space/time, and the limits of modern social political theory.


Preface; 1. International relations as political theory; 2. The Prince and 'the pauper'; 3. Ethics, modernity, community; 4. History, structure, reification; 5. Realism international relations to world politics; 6. The territorial state and the theme of Gulliver; 7. On the spatio-temporal conditions of democratic practice; 8. Sovereign identities and the politics of forgetting; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"Walker shows mastery of the literature. His work is theoretically comprehensive and innovative. Definitely a work to be studied by scholars of international relations or political and social philosophy and ethics." Choice "...this is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary international/political theory." Ethics "Inside/Outside represents Walker's most concerted effort yet to illustrate to a contemporary readership the need to go beyond that dichotomy which at one level separates 'domestic' from 'international'practice and at another distinguishes something called political 'theory' from its international counterpart...R. B. J. Walker has been one of the most innovative and incisive contributors to the expanded agenda on international relations over the past decade...if one is seeking, in a single volume, a coherent broad-ranging and generally accessible articulation of some of the most important issues of theory/practice in the modern era, Inside/Outside fits the bill. As such, it deserves to be read widely and discussed seriously by an international relations community struggling to redefine itself and the world in a volatile age." Jim George, American Political Science Review
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