Can Human Rights Survive?

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In this 2006 book, Conor Gearty confronts the challenges that may destroy the language of human rights for future generations.


1. Introduction; 2. The crisis of authority; 3. The crisis of legalism; 4. The crisis of national security; 5. Can human rights survive?; Bibliography.


Conor Gearty is Professor of Human Rights Law at the London School of Economics, Rausing Director at the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, and a founding member of Matrix Chambers. A high profile speaker on human rights whose work has a strong following.


'... this book is an excellent starting point for moving on from the increasingly legal positivist emphasis on human rights, to examine why human rights must always triumph over threats and policies.' Human Rights Law Review '... sheds much light on some of the most difficult questions of our time, and in a manner accessible to expert and casual readers alike. ... provides a veritable cognitive feast. The Cambridge University Press has done an admirable job of turning the lively lecture into an attractive and readable volume.' Cian C. Murphy ' ... highly recommended ...' Choice 'It is the clarity and comprehensiveness of Gearty's argumentation, together with the controlled passion and graceful articulacy with which it is expressed, that commends this short book so highly to all of those interested in politics, law and human rights. Gearty does not promise answers in Can Human Rights Survive but in it he engages impressively thorough considerations of difficult but vital questions. The book is highly commended to both experts and casual readers in the field.' The Law and Politics Book Review '... this volume represents perhaps Gearty's finest work.' International Journal of Law in Context
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