Kanban for the Shopfloor

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Kanban is the name given to the inventory control card used in a pull system. The primary benefit of kanban is to reduce overproduction, the worst of the "seven deadly wastes." A true kanban system produces exactly what is ordered, when it is ordered, and in the quantities ordered. Kanban for the Shopfloor provides a working manual for those seeking to implement this method of production control in any operation. It defines the various terms and methods employed in kanbans, and illustrates how when adhered to, kanban is an element of continuous improvement that ultimately leads to the ideal of one-piece flow."


Publisher's Message Getting Started Chapter 1: Introducing Key Terms and Benefits of Kanban Chapter 2: The Basics of Kanban: Functions, Rules, and Types of Kanban Chapter 3: Phase One: Scheduling Kanban Chapter 4: Phase Two: Circulating Kanban Chapter 5: Phase Three: Improving with Kanban Chapter 6: Reflections and Conclusions


"An outstanding battle manual to start implementing kanban."
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