How to Conduct Your Own Survey

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November 1994



"How to Conduct Your Own Survey" gives readers everything needed to do it themselves. Without any prior training, they can learn expert techniques for conducting accurate, low-cost surveys. In step-by-step language, Priscilla Salant and Don. A. Dillman provide the tools readers need.


Practical Surveys. Cornerstones of a Quality Survey. Deciding What Information You Need. Choosing a Survey Method. When and How to Select a Sample. Writing Good Questions. Questionnaire Design. Setting Your Survey in Motion and Getting It Done. From Questionnaires to Survey Results. Reporting Survey Results. Advice, Resources, and Maintaining Perspective. References. Index.


PRISCILLA SALANT, M.A., is an Associate in Research at Washington State University. She provides research assistance to public and private nonprofit organizations and is the author of A Community Researcher's Guide to Rural Data. DON A. DILLMAN, Ph.D., is a Senior Survey Methodologist at the U.S. Bureau of the Census and Director of the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University. He is the author of the professional book, Mail and Telephone Surveys, also available from Wiley.
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