God Knows We Get Angry: Healthy Ways to Deal with It

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Januar 2002



- Addresses a contemporary issue and helps readers clearly define and understand its real meaning in their lives
- Uses shared stories and thoughtful insights to demonstrate how others have handled similar issues
- Offers practical suggestions and exercises to help readers put the issue in perspective and find solutions that work


Way 1: Be angry! -- Way 2: Claim your anger and your power -- Way 3: Positively channel the energy of your anger -- Way 4: Name the wrong and blame the wrongdoer -- Way 5: choose to let go of revenge -- Way 6: Remember that your enemy is human too -- Way7: For your own good, decide to forgive -- Way 8: Forgive when you're ready, not when they're sorry -- Way 9: Make an act of forgiveness -- Way 10: Give closure to forgiveness through ritual.
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