The Presidency Then and Now

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In The Presidency Then and Now, leading political scientists and historians assess the development of the presidency and its role in today's political landscape. The questions addressed in this wide-ranging volume include: How has the doctrine of se


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Presidency Then and Now Chapter 2 Chapter 1: Presidential Character: The Case of George Washington Chapter 3 Chapter 2: Thomas Jefferson and the Separation of Powers Chapter 4 Chapter 3: Executive Privilege: From Washington to Clinton Chapter 5 Chapter 4: The President, Congress, and Decisions to Use Military Force Chapter 6 Chapter 5: Whiggism and Presidentialism: American Ambivalence Toward Executive Power Chapter 7 Chapter 6: The Constitutionalist Presidency: Conservative Scholarship and the Energy in the Executive Chapter 8 Chapter 7: The Formation and Use of the Cabinet Chapter 9 Chapter 8: The Press and the Presidency: Then and Now Chapter 10 Chapter 9: Narrative in Presidential Oratory Chapter 11 Chapter 10: The Rise of the Rhetorical Candidate Chapter 12 Chapter 11: The Rhetorical Presidency, Presidential Authority, and Bill Clinton Chapter 13 Chapter 12: Technocratic Leadership: The Policy Work Presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton


Phillip G. Henderson is associate professor of politics at The Catholic University of America.


To be serious about the Presidency in this raucous age of political scandal and stardom is a daunting task. Phillip Henderson has done a commendable job in assembling the research and thoughts of competent scholars who have kept a cool watch over our years of White House turmoil and measured it against our past. This is an instructive guide on Presidential leadership showing in a concise manner where we started, how we have traveled, and where we are today. -- Hugh Sidey, columnist and former White House Correspondent for Time The Presidency Then and Now provides rich historical insight, but it also deserves praise for placing the presidency of Bill Clinton in context-institutional, historical, rhetorical, and political. Henderson has assembled an outstanding panel of contributors, and the book is a valuable addition to the literature on the presidency. -- Ryan J. Barilleaux, Miami University
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