The Practice of Public Procurement

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When buying goods or services on behalf of a public authority, procurement officers must translate the buyer's needs into tender documents that are clear, lawful, and well-designed. This guide helps them in this task.


CONTENTS Table of Cases Table of Figures
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1. The Tendering Procedure 1.2. Selection Criteria 1.3. Technical Specifications 1.4. Award Criteria 1.5. European Union Law 1.6. Sound Financial Management
Chapter 2. The Tendering Procedure
2.1. Advertisement 2.2. Publication of Tender Documents 2.3. The Style of Tender Documents 2.4. Publishing the Contract Value Estimate 2.5. Questions and Answers 2.6. Visits to the Premises 2.7. Deadlines 2.8. Transmission Formalities 2.9. Exclusion Criteria 2.10. The Length of Validity of Tenders
Chapter 3. Technical Specifications
3.1. Technical Requirements 3.2. Market Research 3.3. Variants 3.4. Options 3.4.1. Dissociated Options 3.4.2. Associated Options 3.4.3. Lock-In Options 3.4.4. Obligation to Tender for Options 3.5. Parallel Tenders
Chapter 4. Selection Criteria
4.1. The EU Legal Framework 4.2. The Logic of Selection Criteria 4.3. Financial Capacity 4.3.1. Accounting Principles 4.3.2. Turnover 4.3.3. Net and Gross Earnings 4.3.4. Economic Viability 4.3.5. Insurance 4.3.6. Overview 4.4. Technical Capacity 4.5. Consortia 4.5.1. The Professional Capacity of Consortia 4.5.2. The Financial Capacity of Consortia 4.6. Subcontractors 4.7. Favouring the Usual Suspects
Chapter 5. Award Methods
5.1. Single and Multiple Award Criteria 5.2. Lowest Price 5.3. Lowest Cost 5.4. Price-Quality Ratio 5.5. Electronic Auctions 5.6. Negotiations 5.7. The Pros and Cons of Different Award Methods
Chapter 6. The Price Schedule
6.1. Total Price 6.2. Consumption Models 6.3. The Value of Awards with Consumption Models 6.4. The Importance of Accurate Estimates 6.5. Adjusting to Different Pricing Policies 6.6. Including Cost in the Price 6.7. Price Indexation 6.7.1. The Logic of Indexation 6.7.2. Automatic and Manual Price Adjustment 6.7.3. Upward and Downward Adjustment 6.7.4. To Index or not to Index 6.7.5. The Choice of an Appropriate Index
Chapter 7. Qualitative Award Criteria
7.1. The Choice of Award Criteria 7.2. Quality Verification 7.3. Cost as a Quality Criterion
Chapter 8. The Price-Quality Ratio
8.1. Price-Quality Ratios and Other Formulas 8.2. Quality Divided by Price 8.3. Adjusting for Criteria Weighting 8.3.1. The Baseline Quality Score 8.3.2. The Proportion of Extra Spending 8.3.3. Adjusting the Scales 8.4. Multiple Award Criteria 8.5. Multiple Objects 8.6. Global Quality and Minimum Quality Thresholds 8.7. The Dilemma of High Quality Standards 8.8. On the Neutralization of the Price Criterion 8.9. The Importance of Knowing what You Want 8.10. Defining Quality in Public Procurement
Chapter 9. Quality Assessment
9.1. Binary Criteria 9.2. Quantitative Criteria 9.3. Non-Binary Qualitative Criteria 9.4. Point Inflation 9.5. Assessment Grids
Chapter 10. Choice of Procedure
10.1. Open Procedures 10.2. Restricted Procedures 10.3. Negotiated Procedures 10.4. Exceptional Procedures
Chapter 11. The Post-Award Stage
11.1. The Duty to State Reasons 11.2. Evaluation and Follow-Up
Chapter 11. The Post-Award Stage 11.1. The Duty to State Reasons 11.2. Evaluation and Follow-Up
Chapter 12. Green Procurement
Chapter 13. Managing the Risk of Irregularities and Inefficiencies 13.1. Irregularities in Public Procurement 13.2. The Inefficiency of Reduced Competition 13.3. Risk Management and Continuous Improvement of the Procurement Process 13.4. Procurement Risks and Risk Response
Chapter 14. Conclusions Appendix I. The Assessment of the Economic Viability of Companies Appendix II. Mathematical Discussion of Formulas to Determine Price-Quality Ratios References Index
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