John Dewey and the Philosopher's Task

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Januar 2002



In what may be Philip Jackson's best work yet, readers are taken on a fascinating journey into the mind of John Dewey. By analyzing Dewey's attempts to revise the introduction to one of his most important books, Experience and Nature, Jackson explores Dewey's efforts (both intellectually and emotionally) to explain the all-important relationship between philosophy and human affairs. This story of Dewey's life-long struggle with a complex philosophical question (one that continues to challenge philosophers today) is also the story of Jackson's own struggle to understand Dewey's quest. Written for anyone interested in philosophy or the writings of Dewey, this engaging book is essential reading for understanding the philosophic method and the philosopher's task of inquiry.


"Philip Jackson has, once again, given us a penetrating analysis of John Dewey at work." - From the Foreword by Elliot W. Eisner, Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University; "An excellent book for any student trying to come to a first understanding of the philosopher's task and to get a good sense of what American pragmatism is about." - Jonas F. Soltis, William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Philosophy and Education (emeritus), Teachers College, Columbia University; "Philip Jackson ushers his readers into a vibrant conversation with John Dewey and, at once, with Jackson himself. Not only are we made privy to the doing of philosophy as an ongoing quest, but also are asked to view both Dewey and Jackson as seekers and solvers among problems never entirely settled, conclusions thrillingly incomplete." - Maxine Greene, William F. Russell Professor in the Foundations of Education (emerita) and professor of philosophy and education (emerita), Teachers College, Columbia University
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