The Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith After Freud

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Since its publication in 1966, "The Triumph of the Therapeutic" has been hailed as a work of genuine brilliance, one of those books whose insights uncannily anticipate cultural developments and whose richness of argumentation reorients entire fields of inquiry. This special fortieth-anniversary edition of Philip Rieff' s masterpiece, the first volume in ISI Books' new Background series, includes an introduction by Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn and essays on the text by historians Eugene McCarraher and Wilfred McClay and philosopher Stephen Gardner.


Philip Rieff is Benjamin Franklin Professor of Sociology and University Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. One of the foremost cultural thinkers of his generation, his books include "Freud: The Mind of the Moralist";" Fellow Teachers"; and "The Feeling Intellect." He is also the editor of the ten-volume "Collected Papers of Sigmund Freud."
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