Metre, Rhythm and Verse Form

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November 1995



Poetry criticism is a subject central to the study of literature. However, it is laden with technical terms that, to the beginning student, can be both intimidating and confusing. Philip Hobsbaum provides a welcome remedy, illuminating terms ranging from the iambus to the bob-wheel stanza, and forms from the Spenserian sonnet to modern 'rap', with clarity and comprehensiveness. It is an essential guide through the terminology which will be invaluable reading for undergraduates new to the subject.


1. Metre and Rhythm 2. Blank Verse 3. The Heroic Couplet 4. Rhyme and Pararhyme 5. Sprung Verse 6. Quantity and Syllabics 7. Free Verse 8. Verse Forms (i) 9. Verse Forms (ii) Selective Bibliography.
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