Abu Nuwas

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Abu Nuwas (c. 756 - 813) was one of the greatest Arab poets of the classical period. In literary history he is remembered chiefly as the hard-drinking and eloquent composer of dissolute wine poems, from which he emerges as one of the most charismatic figures in word literature. Yet he was in fact an all-round poet and exerted a profound influence on Abbasid poetry more generally; he is one of a handful of individuals who can be deemed to stand at the very heart of Arabic literary culture. In the narrative tradition his impish persona appears in some stories of the Thousand and One Nights.


1 "Dangling Locks and Babel Eyes" - A Biographical Sketch of Abu Nuwas 2 "Love,Wine, Sodomy ... and the Lash" - The Lyric Poetry of Abu Nuwas 29 3 "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" - On Panegyric and Satire 79 4 Some Hunting Poems and a Game of Polo 109 5 "Poetry for Mortals and the Dead" - On the Ascetic Poem and the Elegy 121 An Afterword - "Walk the Even Path with Me ..." Bibliography Index


Philip F. Kennedy is Associate Professor of Middle Easterna dn islamic Studies and Comparative Literature at New York University. His published works include The Wine Song in Classical Arabic Poetry: Abu Nuwas and the Literary Tradition.


Geert Jan van Gelder - Laudian Professor of Arabic, Oxford University"Philip has written a very good book on the great (in my view) greatest Arabic poet, Abu Nuwas... The literary analysis is generally excellent, balanced and erudite."
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