Building Stronger Communities

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Juni 2007



Examines in a practical way means by which communities can be strengthened. This book includes material on communities of interest, as well as those based on locality. It includes useful principles and pointers for students, community workers, designated community leaders, policy makers and ordinary citizens.


Introduction; Part 1 Communities and belonging; Chapter 1 The fragmentation of community; Chapter 2 Getting the balances right; Part 2 Strengthening relationships; Chapter 3 Bonds; Chapter 4 Bridges; Chapter 5 Linkages; Part 3 Community strengthening dynamics; Chapter 6 Learning from various models; Chapter 7 Motivating; Chapter 8 Skilling; Chapter 9 Engaging; Chapter 10 Leadership; Part 4 Strengthening communities in various contexts; Chapter 11 Strengthening local communities; Chapter 12 Strengthening communities beyond the locality; Chapter 13 Conclusions and.


Philip Hughes has been a research fellow at Edith Cowan University since 1997 and a researcher with the Christian Research Association since 1985. He is a co-author of several books and reports relating to social capital and community life, as well as publications on other subjects. Alan Black was Foundation Professor of Sociology at Edith Cowan University (ECU) where he established the Centre for Social Research in 1997. Now Emeritus Professor at ECU, he retains an active association with the university. Peter Kaldor was the founding Director of NCLS Research and for some 25 years has been involved in community development and social leadership both as a practitioner and author of many books and papers. He is a research associate of the ECU Centre for Social Research. John Bellamy is engaged in social policy research for Anglicare (Sydney). He has co-authored a range of books and papers addressing issues of community, social capital, wellbeing and security and is a research associate of the ECU Centre for Social Research. Keith Castle is the current Director of NCLS Research and has been promoting research into the areas of community and wellbeing, particularly how these affect, and are affected by, the non-profit sector.
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