McKenzie's Friend

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Februar 2001



Harry Fielding has had enough. He's had enough of his adopted city, he's tired of his flat and most of all he's finished with MI5. But his plans for a new life are ruined when an old friend reappears, who's in trouble. Harry cannot abandon a mate.


Philip Davison was born in 1957 in Dublin, where he now lives. He has written three other novels in the Harry Fielding series: The Crooked Man, The Long Suit and A Burnable Town; as well as the novels The Book-Thief's Heartbeat, Twist and Shout and The Illustrator. He has also written television drama. His play, The Invisible Mending Company, was performed on the Abbey Theatre's Peacock stage.


"Davison shares Beckett's knack for making the down-at-the-heel appear surreal" Times Literary Supplement "The world of McKenzie's Friend is an unsettling place, half nightmare, half reality, funny but also terrifying. And Harry Fielding, the narrator, is a gem. World-weary and clueless, knowing and blind, he's the perfect escort through this memorable and very accomplished book" -- Roddy Doyle "Chilly, elegant and disconcertingly comic. Rather like a collaboration between two noteable Green(e)s - Graham and Henry- and quite safely described as original" Literary Review "A subtle undercurrent of humour... well-written... wierd" Time Out
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