The Fabric of Sin

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Mai 2008



A ninth chilling case for vicar and exorcist Merrily Watkins


Phil Rickman lives on the Welsh border where he writes and presents the book programme Phil the Shelf on BBC Radio Wales. He is the author of seven Merrily Watkins' Mysteries, introducing the Reverend in The Wine of Angels, and charting her career as the diocesan exorcist with Midwinter of the Spirit, A Crown of Lights, The Cure of Souls, The Lamp of the Wicked, The Prayer of the Night Shepherd, The Smile of a Ghost and The Remains of an Altar.


Compassionate, original and sharply contemporary. Rickman's crime series is one of the best around - Spectator First rate. A passionate, flawed modern woman, every bit as concerned with the intricacies of crime as with demons that go bump in the night - Daily Mail I thoroughly recommend both these books ... They would make a solid Christmassy read, appropriate to the season ... Rickman's work has a satisfying refusal to find easy answers or to take sides in spiritual debates. The destabilizing combination of death and religion is fascinatingly observed in this series. What T.S.Eliot did for Canterbury Cathedral, Rickman does for Hereford - Shotsmag on Fabric of Sin and To Dream of the Dead.
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Untertitel: A Merrily Watkins Mystery. Sprache: Englisch.
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