The Political Economy of Global Communication: An Introduction

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November 2001



To what extent will the merging of the world's media and telecommunications companies enhance or undermine the autonomy and security of ordinary citizens?


Introduction. Fulfilling the Enlightenment? Attaining Human Security. 1. The triumph of democracy and freedom. Political change after the Cold War. a) The privatisation of the State b) The Legitimacy of Human Intervention under the guise of Humanitarian intervention c) The Spread of a technical elite led political processes 2. Global capitalism and the end of history. a) The enhanced mobility and accumulation of Capital b) The Diminution of the Rights of Working People c) Free trade, Protectionism and Uneven development in world Order 3. Global order and cultural freedom. a) The Rise of a Global Communications Industry b) Capitalism, Neo-Liberalism and the Privatisation of Culture c) Culture Ideology and Political Power. Conclusion. Perverting the Enlightenment? Resistance and change in world order.


Peter Wilkin is a reader in Communication and Media at Brunel University and has written a number of books on international relations.
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