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*Condensed, readable style; delivers tremendous value in just one book. This book offers *THE resource for focused and pragmatic industrial solutions in Perl, while the competing *best-sellers are older, quirkier and shallower treatments of Perl.
*Thorough discussion of Perl-from installations to applications development; ideal for working Perl programmers in 2005.
*Wainwright is a respected Perl expert and author of industry-respected Pro Apache title.


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Peter Wainwright is a freelance developer and software consultant. He got his first taste of programming on a BBC Micro and gained most of his early programming experience writing applications in C on Solaris. He then discovered Linux, shortly followed by Perl and Apache, and has been happily programming there ever since. Outside of the software industry, he is a partner of Space Future Consulting, an international space-tourism consulting firm. He is also an advisor to the board of a few companies engaged in space tourism and vehicle development. If you have $50 million to spare, Wainwright would like to have a word with you. As well as being the primary author of Pro Perl, Wainwright is the author of Professional Apache (1590593006).

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